dmd david palmieri - I'm pissed by dentists

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Dr CHARLES JELINEK in fairfax lured me by sending a post card to clean my teeth FREE ,(LATER CHARGED MY INS OVER $250).After that he refer me to do a root canal at his friend :dr DAVID PALMIERI aT FALLS CHURCH, FAIRFAX VA.

When coming to see him ,i said " i'm a senior & retiree, i just have a limit co pay with DELTA DENTAL only, please tell me how much do i have to pay you ?After contacting my ins.he told me :after ins.,you have to pay only $250.I paid him $250. But later on he billed to me $350 more.I called him to complain & he ask me how much could i afford ?Itold him none.

Two months later he billed another bill :$5o4.

I want to complain to their board, but don't know how. Please advise me how.



Alexandria, Virginia, United States #1192639

I had exactly the same situation. I actually saw several reviews about billing issues/unexpected after charges to customers on yelp and google.

Prior to visit I called the office to verify total charges.

And I still was billed more than we agreed upon. Poor communication and customer service.

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